Karachi’s “Feels Like” Temperature Hits 51°C

Karachi’s “Feels Like” Temperature Hits 51°C


The port city of Karachi is enduring extreme heat, with the “feels like” temperature reaching 51°C around 2 pm on Monday. This is due to the high humidity making the heat much worse than what the temperature alone shows. A partial heatwave is forecasted to continue for the next three days.


Sardar Sarfraz, the chief meteorologist of the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), reported that the temperature in Karachi is expected to exceed 40°C today. The city will experience extremely hot and humid weather for the next three days.

During this period, the ocean breeze will be impeded during the day, expanding the intensity’s power.


The weather conditions will stay warm and sticky, with temperatures on Tuesday prone to run somewhere in the range of 38°C and 40°C. Blistering breezes from Balochistan will keep on blowing from the northwest during the day, with the ocean breeze perhaps continuing at night.


Temperatures are supposed to marginally drop from Wednesday, with the mercury possibly diminishing to 39°C or 37°C.


The PMD likewise predicts above-typical precipitation in southern Sindh, including Karachi, this year. Storm downpours might start in eastern Sindh around July 2 or 3, and Karachi could get rainstorm downpours in the primary seven day stretch of July.

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The weather conditions in many pieces of Sindh will remain very sweltering for the following three days. In Ghotki, Jacobabad, Dadu, Larkana, and Shikarpur, temperatures might reach 46°C to 48°C.


In Hyderabad, Umarkot, Tharparkar, and Badin, temperatures are supposed to go from 44°C to 46°C. There is an opportunity of light downpour with thundershowers in Tharparkar and Umarkot tonight or this evening.

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